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ANGIUS & TERRY LLP works to become intimately familiar with the legal problems that confront our community association clients. We offer legal advice based on our considerable experience in community association matters, the law, practical considerations and just plain good judgment. ANGIUS & TERRY LLP has extensive experience in community association corporate matters, including:

  • Drafting and amending CCRs, Bylaws, Rules, Policies, and other community association governing documents;
  • Interpretation and enforcement of CCRs, Bylaws, Rules and Policies;
  • Interpretation of relevant statutes, regulations and ordinances;
  • Assessment collection and lien procedures;
  • Architectural control committees and compliance;
  • Contract review, analysis and drafting; and
  • Claims by and against community association vendors, contractors and suppliers.

FAA Regulations meet Drones for HOA’s

Do New FAA Regulations of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Provide Relief to Associations that Encounter Intrusive Drone Use? I’m often asked by my common-interest community clients what they can do in relation to drones that are flown within their communities. At times, the...

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SB800 Has Changed the Procedures and Standards that the Association Must Comply With to Resolve Claims of Construction Deficiencies

In General, SB800 Has Changed the Procedures and Standards that the Association Must Comply With to Resolve Claims of Construction Deficiencies. 1. SB800 Has Entirely Redefined the Rights and Responsibilities of Purchasers, Sellers and Builders With Regard to...

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Foreclose or Sue What is the Better Option

Foreclose or Sue? What is the Better Option? Community associations have the power to foreclose upon homes in order to collect delinquent assessments. however, during this current economic downturn, often times, there are circumstances where it is in the associations’...

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