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Let’s Toast to That!

Alcohol at Board Meetings…Yea or Nay?

Many clients have approached us and asked, “Can we serve alcohol at Board meetings?”, or “Can we serve alcohol at annual meetings to entice owners to attend?”, or “Can the association sponsor an event where alcohol will be served?” After all, a glass of wine or a cold beer may sound nice after a long day at work and might help encourage attendance.

In general, alcohol should not be served or consumed at Board meetings, especially when alcohol will interfere with the Board’s ability to conduct business matters in a professional manner. In some instances, however, the answer will depend on the location of the meeting: is the meeting being held at the association clubhouse or other association property, a Board member’s home, or is the meeting offsite at a local restaurant or school? Another consideration is if the association has a license to serve alcohol or even conduct the meeting at a location that is licensed to serve alcohol? If the association is licensed to serve alcohol or conducts the meeting at a location that is licensed to serve alcohol, it may be permissible to serve alcohol at the event.

Regardless of the location of the meeting, questions of liability in serving alcohol at association sponsored events should be carefully considered to avoid legal and financial liability for actions of those individuals who are served. If you are uncertain whether it would be appropriate or legally permissible for you to serve alcohol at your association’s event, please contact Angius & Terry so that we can help you analyze the specific circumstances and identify any potential issues or areas of liability that may arise from such a decision.

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