Announcing: Angius & Terry LLP’s Flat Fee Program for Unlawful Detainer

As you know firsthand, the present real estate market has taken a significant toll on homeowner associations, many of which are now the owners of properties within their developments. More often than not, Associations have no other choice than to take action on those properties, rather than waiting for a senior lien holder to foreclose. Such actions include evicting the ex-homeowner, offering the Deed back to the senior lien holder and even renting out the property to tenants if the senior lien holder doesn’t accept the Deed.

In light of this, Angius & Terry is happy to introduce a flat fee program for dealing with Unlawful Detainer and the subsequent related actions an association may wish to take. Below is a description of the services and rates:

Zer Iyer, Esq.

Zer Iyer, Esq.

Announcing: Angius & Terry LLP’s Flat Fee Program for Unlawful Detainer (cont)

Please note the following:

  1. The Unlawful Detainer fee applies only if the action is uncontested, which means the occupant does not file an Answer or motion contesting the eviction.
  1. The above fees do not include costs of service, courier, filing fees or other direct costs related to the above actions, for which the Association will be responsible.

If you have an association in need of such services or you have questions about how your Association should proceed with a property it now owns, please contact our firm. We have already represented a number of Associations in the above procedures and have been successful in helping them navigate these new and unique challenges.

We look forward to working with you and providing your Association with excellent legal counsel.

Thank you,

Zer Iyer, Esq.