Angius & Terry Settles Trio of Construction Defect Lawsuits for Deserving Associations Totaling More Than $15,000,000!

We are proud to announce that Angius & Terry’s Sacramento office has successfully settled a trio of construction defect lawsuits for deserving Squaw Valley associations totaling more than $15,000,000.

This eight-figure settlement resulted only after the hard work, savvy strategies, and true team work of partner Brad Epstein, senior associate Sam Chon, senior paralegal Teresa Gordon, construction consultants Posard Broek & Associates, and, of course, the associations’ boards of directors and management professionals. The settlement is all the more impressive given that this team had to fight over sixty defendants in the lawsuits.

The associations suffered from a variety of construction defects which resulted in significant water intrusion into their four-story condominium buildings from “head to toe.” Ground water was intruding into subterranean garages, and snow and rain was intruding into the siding, windows, balconies, and roofs. The construction defects were destroying the 290 owners’ hard-earned investments in what should be world-class condominiums located next to the famous Squaw Valley resort ski lifts.

The team was further confronted with the challenge that twelve other associations throughout North America were racing for the same limited insurance policies covering the defendants. After aggressively litigating the cases, the team achieved the settlement and beat the other associations to the insurance policies. The team’s hard work paid off by enabling the associations to make repairs for their deserving 290 owners. Those owners will now have the world-class condominiums that they paid for!

In the past 25 years, Angius & Terry LLP has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for other associations suffering from construction defects. Contact us to see if we can be of assistance to your association.

Julie M. Mouser, Esq.

Julie M. Mouser, Esq.

Angius & Terry LLP