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Construction Defect Attorneys

Developer Transitions

When you have to deal with your builder,

we level the playing field.


Specialized in community association law, including construction defect litigation, for more than a quarter century. With full service Florida offices in Palm Harbor and Orlando.  We serve community associations throughout Florida. Community associations have placed their trust in ANGIUS & TERRY LLP to solve their legal problems for over 30 years. Through the years ANGIUS & TERRY LLP has had a single mission: To provide our clients with exceptional service and superior legal representation.


Construction Defect

ANGIUS & TERRY LLP has recovered in excess of $400 million dollars on behalf of homeowners and community associations. We strive to ensure that our construction defect claims are prosecuted in an aggressive, and yet cost efficient manner. ANGIUS & TERRY LLP will continue to work with our clients after the construction defect claims are concluded as a member of the “reconstruction team” to ensure that the money received from builders is spent wisely and the interests of our clients continue to be protected during the repair and reconstruction process.

Developer Transition

There is a moment where the real estate developer transition control of the homeowners association from themselves, to the home owners.  The timing of the developer transition is controlled by legislation.  It is imperative to bear in mind that the developer’s motivation is fundamentally different from the homeowners motivation for controlling the HOA.  This transition is sometimes smooth, sometimes developer transitions are terribly complicated.  Often times, developer transitions find their way into litigation.  The Attorneys at Angius & Terry, LLP are committed to representing the homeowners to smooth their way through the maze that is Developer Transitions.  Our focus is on the Homeowner, and their motivation for a well orchestrated, and economically rational transition.