Video FAQ:

When does the incoming Board meet?

The incoming board meets after a period of time which is established by when 90% of the units in the development have been sold. When 90% are sold it starts a timeline, there’s 90 days of essentially dead time after which the unit owners are entitled to elect the homeowner board. Once they elect the homeowner board, then they are in the position to have their first board meeting.

In a condominium association the builder must hold the elections within 75 days after that 90 day period passes, and the procedure is set forth in the statute. Homeowners association builder has to conduct the elections within 90 days and the procedure is set forth in the HOA’s governing documents, typically the bylaws. Once the election has taken place, then the homeowners can actually have their first board meeting. It’s a really good idea in the notice of the meeting for the election that you include a notice of a board meeting to immediately follow the election so that the homeowners that are elected can decide who’s going to be the president, vice president, and so on.